Your Sexually Addicted Spouse - $13.49

A MUST read when you find out about your husband's lies and compulsive sexual activity, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse gives you needed insight from women who understand. I LOVE this book. It helped me understand better what was happening, and what path to take to heal.

Why Does He Do That? - $14.24

This book changed my life. Right after my husband was arrested and charged with domestic violence, I was so confused. I didn't believe that my husband was actually abusive - he done some abusive things, right, but I wasn't in the type of abusive relationship where I had to get out. Was I? This book helped me understand abuse in a way I never had before. Why Does He Do That is a must read for any woman struggling with the chaos of abuse.

What Can I Do About Me? - $4.97

What Can I Do About Me? helped me realize that there was a path to knowing the truth about my situation. I'm so grateful for the women who have walked the path before us to lead us to safety.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures - $16.99

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is an amazing resource to help you talk with your kids about pornography addiction. No need to learn how to check cookies - give your kids an internal filter. I read it with my kids. It's so helpful to be able to start an ongoing dialogue.