Meditation & Narcissistic Abuse

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Many women who experience the trauma of abuse find themselves having difficulty processing the that trauma and pain. Meditation can help provide clarity and offer space for that processing to happen safely.

Anne Blythe, founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Victims of narcissistic abuse can suffer indescribable trauma: from physical symptoms like insomnia, weight loss, and chronic pain to emotional symptoms like mood swings, depression, and even suicidal ideation. Narcissistic abuse leaves painful scars.

How Does Meditation Help Victims of Narcissistic Abuse?

Because of the notoriously insidious psychological, emotional, sexual, and physically abusive tactics that narcissistic abusers use against victims, pain and trauma can feel debilitating.

As victims learn to practice meditation, they may find that they are able to more clearly and easily process traumatic memories and then let them go.

Meditation Aids Victims of Narcissistic Abuse In Healing

Tragically, many victims of narcissistic abuse feel trapped in trauma and struggle to believe that there will ever be a time when they will feel peace, self-worth, and safety again.

Meditation is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a victim of narcissistic abuse. It can help enable victims to set and maintain effective boundaries to protect themselves from abuse.

Victims may experience significant triggers even years after the abusive relationship has ended.

Wherever you are in your healing journey, meditation can help you when you feel triggered.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Supports Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

At BTR, we understand the devastation and agony of narcissistic abuse. Victims deserve a safe place to process their feelings, work through their trauma, and ask important questions.

The Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group meets daily in every time zone. Join today and find the validation, support, and community that you need as you move forward with your life. 

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  1. Claire

    I am very interested in exploring the mind body connection since as a psychiatric nurse I have seen the limitations of working mostly with the head

  2. Claire DeCapua

    I am very interested in exploring the mind body connection since I have been aware for a long time how experiences are stored in the body.

    • Anne Blythe

      Yes, this is my favorite healing activity. I find it more useful than talk therapy for sure.

  3. Billie

    What exact meditation practice do you do?

    • Anne Blythe

      We do meditation to reach the sub-conscience mind to heal the parts of you that need to be healed that can’t be healed by talking.


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