Anne, founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery, guides us through a meditation of gratitude.

“We’re going to do a gratitude meditation. Right now, if you can, find a soft, warm blanket and lay down on the floor flat on your back. Now, cover yourself with said blanket. This meditation will only take a few minutes, but I promise, if you take this time to lay down and relax for a bit, you’ll feel better when we’re done:).

“Instead of ruminating on thoughts like, why does my husband hate me or if I could learn how to check the cookies, give yourself a much-needed break from the pain. You've been hurt enough, don't let your thoughts hurt you more.

“I’ll wait for a minute for you to do this. Feel free to pause the podcast until you get your blanket.

“During this meditation, my words will become your words. I will speak in the first person, so that the words can sink into your subconscious. All you have to do is lay flat on the ground, with no pillow or anything—just a warm, soft blanket over you. This is my Thanksgiving present to you. I meditate often and it helps a lot with my Betrayal Trauma symptoms.

“Okay, are you ready?

Meditation Can Help You Be Grateful When You’re In Trauma

“As I lay here, a wave of relaxation comes over my body. The top of my head opens, and as the relaxation moves up all negative emotions and thoughts float out the top of my head. I am feeling calm and relaxed. 

“My toes are like rubber bands dangling from the balls of my feet. From the balls of my feet all the way down through the heels, the muscles and nerves relax. The circulation flows through me, not only relaxing me, but bringing my muscles, nerves, and bones into perfect balance and health. 

“All my muscles are long, supple, strong, relaxed and flexible, my ligaments are strong and whole, and my organs work perfectly. 

“This relaxation moves up through my ankles. The ankles relax and the muscles and bones are balanced. The relaxation moves up through the calf muscles and the calves relax and grow long. My calf muscles are like long cooked spaghetti dangling from the bone. Energy soothingly surges through my calves and up to my knees.

“The relaxation continues up and my thigh muscles grow long and strong. My quads grow long and strong in gentle relaxation. The relaxation moves into the deepest part of my glute muscles. The muscles let go—relaxed, supple, and flexible as energy flows into my inner thighs and tightens them. My pelvic space relaxes, and the energy heals all the muscles and joints.

“Moving up through my hips and pelvis, I relax even more. Although the muscles in my pelvis are strong and pull my pelvis into place, the muscles, tendons, joints, and bones elongate and create more space for my organs. My organs are soft and whole.

“I see my intestines; they gently dangle over the side. The residue softly squeezes out of my intestines. My intestines are relaxed, completely empty, whole, and clean. I slowly and gently place my intestines back into my lengthened pelvic cavity.

“As I let go, the new and vital and fresh flows through me. My pelvic cavity is healed, comfortable and relaxed. The energy surges up through my abdomen.  All my organs are healthy and strong. My liver and kidneys perform perfectly and are effective and clean.  

“My torso elongates even more, and all the organs settle vertically. I can see all the digestive juices in my stomach, they look like a calm lake—perfectly normal, completely relaxed and calm. My stomach gently shrinks back to the size of an almond, relaxed and peaceful. Satisfied and unruffled both now and always.

“All relaxed, all resting, all comfortable. From the deep muscles in my hips, I feel the relaxation and energy surging up my back. As it moves up my back, all the discs, the nerves, the vertebrae and muscles relax into perfect position.

“The energy flows up through my spine healing all the nerves and creating space between the disks. Everything elongates and I am tall and graceful. I grow a tiny bit taller every day. 

“As the relaxation moves up toward my chest, I see my heart and lungs performing normally, breathing easily, just like a sleeper breathes, as I go deeper and deeper in comfortable, restful relaxation.  

“I relax the fingers on my hands. They are like rubber bands, dangling from the palms of my hands. On up through wrist to my elbows all the way up through my shoulders, the healing energy follows.

“The heat and energy surround my shoulders relaxing and healing them.  They are strong, supple and flexible. They perform perfectly. 

“The energy flows through the nerves rhythmically, as the nerves, in turn, heal the muscles, ligaments, and cells throughout my entire body. The energy elongates my muscles and creates more space, vertically, throughout my body.

“The healing energy surges up through my spine and concentrates at the top of the neck. My neck continues to move deeper and deeper into complete relaxation.

“The muscles, that attach my shoulders to my neck, relax. The warm energy flows around and through the muscles, discs, nerves, and vertebrae. All the nerves open to heal ligaments in my neck.

“The energy surges through the nerves, discs and vertebrae to heal my entire body, mind, and spirit. Energy is flowing through my body evenly. Every part of my body is open and receptive to the healing energy progressing through.

“My jaw separates as the chin and cheek muscles relax. The energy surges through my jaw, relaxing and healing the jaw muscles. Stress floats away. I am relaxed. 

“I relax all the tiny muscles around my eyes. Energy flows through the cells in my face, stimulating new, perfect cell growth in the deepest layers of my skin.

“My skin is even, smooth, and glowing. The skin tone is the same color everywhere on my face. My eyebrows and my forehead rest. My forehead is smooth and even.

“From my chin, sweeping up my entire face and the old cells turn into gorgeous wavy hair out the top of my head. From my forehead all the way back, my entire scalp relaxes to the base of my neck. This energy flows over my entire body, stimulating new beautiful skin cell growth.

Taking Time To Be Grateful Can Calm The Trauma

“I imagine a brilliant white light above me. It comes in through the top of my head and fills my whole body. My entire body glows with this bright light.

“The top of my head closes, leaving me perfectly peaceful and calm. Keeping my eyes closed, I am completely healed. Because I am so relaxed, I have complete emotional freedom. I am confident and sure of myself. I am happy—happy with life exactly as it is. 

“Oh, how grateful I am for my body!

“I am pleased with my body. It is perfect in every aspect. The space where my spirit resides is a perfect structure made up of strong, elongated, healthy, perfect cells, bones, organs, ligaments and muscles. There is now space inside my body for joy and gratitude!

“Keeping my eyes closed, I find that each, and every, day I have a fresh start. From deep inside, I am calm, relaxed, and satisfied. 

“I am so grateful for the sunrise!

“Today, I am glad to be myself. I am so thankful to be me! 

It’s Possible To Be Grateful When In Betrayal Trauma

“I am rich in every sense of the word. I have a flush toilet. I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat. I have clothing to wear. I am so grateful that my basic physical needs are met.  

“I am so grateful for water! As I drink the hydrating gift of water, it nourishes my body and soul, it assimilates into my system perfectly and releases when unnecessary. I welcome new ideas and new concepts and prepare them for digestion and assimilation.

“I am so grateful for my past experiences because they have made me strong, wise, and compassionate—able to overcome any obstacle with kindness and forgiveness. 

“As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enters. I allow life to flow through me with ease. I willingly release with joy. I am free to be me, and I allow others the freedom to be who they are. It is safe for all of us to grow up.  

Loving A Safe Person Can Help You Be Grateful In Trauma

“Now, I picture the face of someone I love deeply, someone who I can love, without any reservation. For me, it’s my two-year-old daughter. Picture this person’s face. My body opens to feel the love I have for this person surge through me.

“With that love comes an intense sense of gratitude that I can feel this love. I am so grateful for this person in my life. I am so grateful for the circumstances that brought this person into my life.

“For a moment, I just rest here in this feeling of love and gratitude.

“I’m so grateful that there is safety in the world and that God will lead me to a safe and peaceful life.

“I am free to go forward. I am in charge of my mind and body. At this moment, I focus on that quiet place within me.  In this quiet place, great spiritual ideas are revealed.

“I take this moment to take a deep breath, my soul fills with peace.  I begin each day knowing that positive, gentle thoughts will guide me.

“My gratitude for life and my gratitude for the help and blessings the Lord has given me, spills over and affects the way I spend my time, enables me to be a better person, and a better friend to myself and others. My gratitude and closeness to the Lord enable me to receive motivation, insight, and capacity to know and accomplish the Lord’s will for me.

“Now, it’s time for me to return to consciousness. I feel wonderfully rested. I will count from one to five and at the count of five I’ll wake up slowly and awaken completely rested with all the relaxation, healing, length, and change fully integrated into every cell in my body and element of my spirit.

  1. “In fact, as I begin to count from one to five, I become excited to face my everyday life, with faith that I can rely on God and He will help me. I am relaxed and confident—confident that I will make good choices that strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father and bring me closer to the peaceful life I desire. I am ready to live now, strong, satisfied, tall, and flexible. Completely peaceful in body and spirit. 
  2. More and more awake, the blood begins to circulate through my body, down through my arms and legs healing everything as I rest. I am so grateful for the experiences that bring me closer to God.
  3. More and more awake, I am ready to know God’s will for me today.
  4. More and more awake, grateful for the people in my life who are safe. I am confident that I will make excellent choices to keep myself safe.  Grateful for life and all my blessings.
  5. Eyes open, wide awake, looking forward to the rest of the day.  

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope this helps you get centered a little.

“Thanks to those of you who have donated, commented and given us a review on iTunes! Every donation, comment, and review helps other women, who are isolated and alone and don’t know where to turn, find us on this amazing thing called the internet! I’m so grateful for the internet!

“I love you all! Keep coming back, it works when I work it and I am worth it.”


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