When Your Husband Is A Narcissist

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When your partner is a narcissist, it can seem like your world revolves around him. How can you be centered and live a peaceful life, regardless of the choices that your partner makes?

Emotional Abuse Is An Energy-Sucker

Many women find that the cycle of abuse and the effects of betrayal trauma drain them of energy. This is completely understandable: abuse is degrading and horrific and the symptoms of betrayal trauma can be debilitating.

Women who experience any degree of abuse may feel this fatigue: it is an unfortunate reality of abusive relationships.

Further, though not every abuser and/or sex addict is a diagnosed narcissist, many display narcissistic traits. Being in a relationship with a narcissistic person is, in and of itself, exhausting. Narcissistic men feel entitled to their partner’s time, attention, body, focus, and money. If they are not given the things that they demand, they react in abusive ways.

You deserve safety, join the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group today, and receive immediate support.

Boundaries Protect Women From Emotional Abuse And Narcissistic Abuse

Fortunately, as women courageously reach out for support, they are able to set boundaries that protect them from the abusive choices that their partner may decide to make.

Boundaries are not fences: boundaries are barricades. When created and maintained correctly, a boundary protects you from experiencing the abuse at all. 

There are many resources available to help women navigate boundary-setting, should they choose to stay in a relationship with a narcissist. 

Women Deserve Support, Safety, and Peace

Women in betrayal trauma often struggle to find others who can relate in a genuine way to what they are going through. The Betrayal Trauma Support Group meets daily to bring love, compassion, and support to women who are all on different levels of their journeys to healing.

Remember, you are not alone

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  1. Celeste Paki-Newport

    Hi there.. My name is Celeste Paki-Newport, and I’m also LDS. I’m only 19 years old and I have a boyfriend who severely struggles with a pornograohy addiction. I love him more than anything and I am so grateful that he wasn’t secretive with me no matter how difficult it must have been for him to tell me he still went ahead and mentioned his addiction to me right in the very beginning of our relationship.. He has apparently struggled with his addiction ever since he was 10 years old. At first, I was in shock because I’ve never dealt with something like this before ESPECIALLY with someone I love and wanted as my eternal companion someday. It was all so new to me. But with the Lord’s help in the very beginning I somewhat was able to be there for him, guide him, trust him and just continuously pray for his recovery. Several months passed and I soon came to realize that praying seriously wasn’t enough. Trust was broken and my love for him was dimming because I had no idea how to cope with this… I felt broken beyond repair because even though I KNOW without a doubt he loves me with all his heart and shows me everyday.. his mind is hard wired to his addiction and it destroys me. Most people I’ve known to struggle through this have been married couples so for him and I to be pushing through this together as boyfriend and girlfriend soon to be engaged it is truly eye opening leading me to believe that we are dealing with something beyond our years but oh how wonderful it is to know that there IS hope for me and recovery for ME and strength and healing for people of all ages because unfortunately I am still suffering with the after affects of his porn addiction and he’s been attending his over the phone recovery meetings recently but I haven’t found anything that could possibly help me until today. My boyfriend Jonathan and I literally just said a prayer together about finding healing for me and I happened to find this site here and for that almost immediate answer to our prayer I will forever be grateful. I really need healing more than anything right now as he and I are soon to be married because we have a child on the way.. So all of these things tied together is a lot to manage but I have faith we can do it as long as we’re on the Lord’s side and with the help and recovery we need our new beginning to marriage and family life will be a joyous and exciting experience where we’ll already be able to handle these challenges and all that life may throw at us.


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