facebook-pixel 5 Signs You're Releasing Your Betrayal Trauma
If you're releasing betrayal trauma, here are the signs.
Signs Your Body is Releasing Betrayal Trauma

Healing from betrayal trauma is a transformative journey. Discover the five signs that signal you've released the trauma.

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If you're releasing betrayal trauma, here are the signs.

Betrayal victims sometimes don’t understand how the emotional and psychological abuse is affecting them until they begin to heal. Here are 5 signs your body releasing betrayal trauma and healing.

1. You Can Sleep

When you find yourself sleeping through the night, you know you’re healing process is well under way. Try The Betrayal Trauma Meditation Workshop to help you sleep when sleep seems impossible.

2. You’re Participating in Activities Like You Did Before

When women first find out about their husband’s affair or deceit, many women become agoraphobic. They feel fear almost constantly. When you find yourself naturally leaving the house again and participating in activities like you did before, it’s a sign that you’ve released some of the trauma.

3. You’ve Stopped Having Conversations with Him In Your Head

A sign of betrayal trauma is you replay the harmful conversations over and over. If the ruminating thoughts have reduced, it’s a sign that you’re beginning to have mental space to process your experience on a deeper level.

4. You Feel Physically Better

Women often physically hold the pain of betrayal. You know that things are improving if your physical symptoms start to improve.

5. You See in Color Again

Many women report that at some point in their recovery, they look up and feel the sun on their face again. They see and hear the birds again. The trees are green again. If you find yourself marveling at the beauty and wonder of nature, it’s likely things are starting to get better.

These Meditations Specifically for Women Can Help Release Betrayal Trauma

The Betrayal Trauma Meditations were written and recorded by Anne Blythe, M.Ed. Producer and Host of The Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast.

Anne shared, “There was a point in my recovery where talking seemed to make things worse. I needed to sleep. I needed comfort. I needed to feel just a tiny bit of peace. The only thing that helped during that time was meditations. But I couldn’t find any that were specifically for women and specific to betrayal. I wrote the meditations I needed. And through them, I’ve healed significantly, and so have the hundreds of women who’ve enrolled.”

The Betrayal Trauma Meditation Workshop includes 13 meditations written and recorded specifically for women who have experienced betrayal by their husband. It includes a beautiful workbook, that can also be used to journal your experience.

“I Had No Idea I was Holding Onto So Much Trauma”

Lisa (name changed to protect her identity) was surprised how much The Betrayal Trauma Meditations helped her. “I thought it would help, but there were layers I didn’t even know were there. Every time I did a meditation, I felt better and better. A knot in my neck that had been there for years finally released. It was so much more effective than therapy.”

Our Betrayal Coaches supported Lisa in our daily group sessions. “I wanted to share how I felt and process what happened with women who would understand. So attending the Betrayal Trauma online support group was pivotal as I continued on my journey to healing.”

Recovering from these emotional injuries is a journey, for sure. At Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we do it full time, and provide the tools women need to feel supported. For example, you can attend a Betrayal Support Group For Women.

Try These Meditations to Release Your Trauma

Click here to learn more about The Betrayal Trauma Meditation Workshop.

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