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Can I Heal From Betrayal Trauma? What You Need to Know

Victims of emotional abuse and betrayal trauma are often isolated from connection. When women forge connections with "safe people" they can begin healing.

I love when women who have been through betrayal trauma and have been abused get together and feel the strength and the beauty that all of us have. For some reason, it just helps to see other women who are smart and beautiful and capable who have been through similar things and think, “Okay, this isn’t me. This is not my fault, and this is something that I can recover from.”

Anne Blythe, founder of BTR.ORG

Betrayal Trauma Victims Need Connection to Heal

Emotional abuse isolates women from supportive people. Often, abusers will use covert methods to condition women to believe that they are not important enough to spend time creating connections with other women. Abusers will actively discourage women from connecting with other victims. 


Because connection, especially with other women who “get it” is empowering. And abusers do not want their victims to become empowered.

“Safe People” Are Essential to Your Healing

A safe person doesn’t only mean someone who won’t physically harm you.

When an individual understands trauma and abuse, they will never blame you, minimize the abuse, or try to “fix it”. Safe people listen, empathize, and empower victims of abuse. 

“Even before you start thinking, “Okay, how am I going to recover from this?” just being around other women who you can be honest with, and they react appropriately, is powerful and validating. They give you a hug, they tell you they’re sorry, they’re not like, “Oh, really? What did you do?” “Oh, well, maybe if you lost a few pounds,” you know, some crazy thing that we’ve all heard from someone who wasn’t safe. We don’t say stuff like that, because we know what it’s like.”

Anne Blythe, founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

How Can I Find a Safe Person?

Some women feel daunted by the idea of finding safe people to validate and support them on their healing journey. It may feel completely overwhelming to imagine trying to forge a friendship or telling the whole truth about the abuse and betrayal.

At BTR, we understand what it feels like to be isolated from other women and simultaneously crave connection and fear connection.

BTR.ORG Supports Victims of Betrayal and Emotional Abuse 

Many women find BTR after years of isolation, crazy-making, and intense emotional & psychological abuse. Often, The BTR.ORG Podcast is the first place that they experience validation and acceptance. That validation and acceptance is the impetus for a journey to healing, emotional safety, and peace.

Consider attending our BTR.ORG Group Sessions to find the support that you deserve as you begin your journey to healing. 


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