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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club
BTR.ORG Group Sessions Saved My Life

Elsie shares how BTR.ORG Group Sessions have helped her identify and begin to heal from the trauma of emotional abuse and betrayal.

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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club

Hidden abuse: by its very nature it can be nearly impossible to identify.

Many women spend months, years, unaware that they are experiencing emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion.

Our BTR.ORG Group Sessions help victims identify hidden abuse and find emotional safety.

Victims Often Experience “Secondary” or “Institutional” Abuse

“I immediately sought out counseling, but I was never allowed to express anger. That would have been inappropriate. No one had any real answer at this point.”

Elsie, member of the BTR.ORG Community

Secondary abuse, or Institutional abuse occurs when therapists, clergy, and others, re-traumatize victims. This occurs when they:

  • Minimize the abuse
  • Justify the abuse
  • Blame the victim
  • Enable the abuser
  • Shame the victim
  • Rationalize the abuse
  • Dismiss the victim
  • Ignore the victim
  • Unfairly label the victim
  • Humiliate the victim
  • Side with the abuser

Secondary abuse is difficult to overcome. But women can ultimately find healing as they separate themselves from abusive behavior and find appropriate, empathetic support.

Victims Need Validation and Real Empathy

“Until I found BTR, no one out there validated my experiences in any of this. Any time we sought help elsewhere, all help focused on him.”

Elsie, member of the BTR.ORG Community

At BTR.ORG, we understand that women need each other to process the trauma of emotional abuse and betrayal, and to work through their own journeys to healing. The validation, support, and love that women can give each other when they understand how painful hidden abuse is, is incredible.

When victims try to process their pain alone, they may feel stuck and isolated. They may question the validity of their experiences. It is both necessary and beautiful for victims to have safe support.

BTR.ORG Group Sessions Support Victims

“I had never done any kind of group session prior. The BTR.ORG Group Sessions were amazing. They give support, feedback, and are run by trained coaches, who immediately get it. If you want to listen, you can. There is no pressure. The ladies, as well as the coach who has had her own experience, understood my plight. They understood the exact predicament that I was in. They offered tremendous support.

It helps to know you are not alone and that there are other people out there who have sorted through it,. Others who are sorting through it and sharing ideas. If you throw something out there, someone will give you a little feedback on it and maybe expound on it a little further. This is excellent for those of us who need connection with others, who need validation. BTR offers this.”

Elsie, member of the BTR.ORG community

Attend a BTR Group Session today and receive the support that you deserve as you begin your journey to healing.

Remember, you are not alone.


  1. Sheila

    I’d like to join your facebook support group. Please tell me how. Thanks

    • Anne Blythe

      At the bottom of our website, enter your email into the Join Our Community section and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to join our free betrayal trauma support forum.

  2. Michael

    My wife cheated on me, (I discovered her hotel rendezvous photos..and dropped to my knees). We’ve been together 19 years. She then openly told me the marriage was over anyway, and spent two more weekends with her soulmate and coming back home on Monday. I was destroyed, am destroyed, hands shaking like I have Parkinsons. I barely have the strength to go to work. She stopped seeing her boyfriend, I think because I’m doing so badly. I do have a counselor but she’s not specialized in betrayal trauma and it doesn’t seem to be helping. All I can find are Betrayal Trauma support groups for women, and none for men. Reading these symptoms I know I have it but need a group I can attend, online, anything.


    • Anne Blythe

      I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Our organization and groups are for women only, but we understand! Well wishes on your search for healing. We believe healing is possible for everyone!

  3. Tonya Fountain

    My husband has had 4 affairs that I know about. Each lasted at least a year before I caught on. The last time was with a repeat partner and I caught on within a month. Needless to say I am devastated, feel extremely stupid and naive and angry. Fortunately, this time, my children are grown and I will not continue in the marriage. I am looking for a group to help me deal with my hurt, anger, and regret for what could have been. We have been married for 31 years. We met at 13 and have been together ever since. We are now 52. His girlfriend is 36 with 5 kids. We have four adult children.

  4. Alicia

    I need support.

  5. DeeDee Fisher

    I am interested in further women who have been through BT

  6. TRACY

    I am interested in the online Support Group.

  7. Kim

    Is this a free service? I really really need this asap!!! I live in BC. Canada. Please get in touch right away.

  8. Carley

    I just found out my husband has been having an affair. He’s not sure if he wants to stay in the marriage and I’m devastated.

  9. Really

    Can i please be notified about the free trauma support group?

  10. Kim

    Hi I’m looking for support after betrayal.

  11. Jill

    Hi, I’m looking for support/advice for infidelity. Suspecting my husband (again) and enough is enough. I think it’s been on/off for years too.

  12. Mina


    Im interested in joining a support group. I recently found out my husband is bisexual and has been cheating on me. I have good and bad days. But most days I feel numb, sad and hurt. I’ve tried to date that didn’t work. I’ve tried to be more talkative and no one knows what to say. Im at a lost and I don’t know if I’ve accepted the situation or just frustrated and overwhelmed.


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