Are You An Expert At Spotting Emotional Abuse?

Do you think you know how to spot emotional abuse? It may not be what you think it is. Emotional abuse is more than just name calling and yelling...
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There are 19 emotionally and psychologically ways men can use language to maintain power over their victims.
  1. Lying
  2. Withholding
  3. Countering
  4. Discounting
  5. Put downs disguised as jokes
  6. Blocking
  7. Diverting
  8. Accusing
  9. Blaming
  10. Judging
  11. Criticizing
  12. Trivializing
  13. Undermining
  14. Forgetting
  15. Denial
  16. Ordering
  17. Threatening
  18. Name Calling
  19. Abusive Anger

Some men use these abusive tactics to establish and maintain power over their wife, rather than relating to their wife through equality, mutuality, and teamwork.

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    • - porn use
    • - extramarital sex or emotional affairs
    • - money
    • - whereabouts
    • - reasons for his actions
    • - other ways