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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Guidelines

Welcome to BTR Group Sessions

Group Session Guidelines

  • We recommend women attend no more than one group session per day. We find that women who take what they learn and apply it in their daily lives progress more toward their safety.
  • Acknowledging that mental health professionals (i.e, counselors, coaches, mentors, advocates working in any capacity) are not immune to the pain of abuse and betrayal trauma, we’ve found that BTR Group sessions aren’t an appropriate place for them to find support. Mental health professionals may reach out to our Clinical Director, Coach Joi at for individual support.
  • Although we have a BTR Group Session schedule, coaches may change without notice from time to time. Any specific coach for a specific group day or time is not guaranteed.
  • Because safety is our first priority, BTR Coaches will not share your contact information with anyone or facilitate you sharing your contact information with anyone.
  • When you attend a group session, you MUST be in a room alone. If others are in the home, please be in a different room and wear headphones to protect the safety of other group session clients and your children. If you need to attend to something, please leave the room/group and return when you are able to do so safely.
  • First Name, Last Initial, and Video check upon group entry is required. For your safety, list only your first name and last initial and be on camera to be accepted into the BTR Group Session, so that we only allow women who are clients to enter. For every one’s safety, we must be able to identify you. Video must be on the entire time. For everyone’s safety, clients cannot put their personal contact info (last name, email or phone number) as their Zoom name. Clients who violate this policy will be removed from group.
  • BTR Group Session Clients are strictly prohibited from recording group sessions for any reason. Recording sessions will result in immediate termination of access to BTR group sessions, without refund of any fees paid to date.
  • Our sessions are a NO PORN ZONE and no masturbation zone. Our philosophy is that ALL porn/masturbation is damaging, so any mention that some porn/masturbation is or may be healthy creates a safety breach in our group sessions.
  • Do not use swear words. Many clients have been abused with harsh language.
  • Avoid graphic details during shares. Others may be triggered into a trauma response.
  • No obvious use of alcohol. Many clients are in relationships with alcohol abusers.
  • Be mindful of time. Everyone who wishes to share deserves equal opportunity to speak and get feedback.

Group Session Structure

Each BTR Coach contributes something unique to our team. Safety, stability and consistency are key to healing from trauma. So we use a predictable group session format.

Coaches note the order women join and will invite you to check-in and share in that order.


Share 2 or 3 words that describe your feelings right now.

Share about a self-care action you took to help you feel peace.


  • A safe space to share about my own struggles and successes
  • Answer to a question about abuse or betrayal
  • Help processing a particular issue



Dependent upon time, your BTR Coach will invite you to state a top takeaway and/or action plan for next steps. 

If you have questions, please email