Coach Sara, APSATS CPC-c

Hi, I'm Sara, and I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Life and Leadership Coach; I received my coaching certification through the Coaches Training Institute in Northern California. In addition, I have completed my APSATS training. I'm also Wilderness First Responder certified and guide women and men on coaching and hiking retreats into the Grand Canyon. My favorite role of all is being a mom to three amazing sons, ages 10-25 years old. 

Raised in a small, one stop light town in the Midwest, I hold education in high esteem. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Art Education. Though I have taught in both Missouri and Wisconsin, my home has become California, surrounded by the ocean and mountains where I feel the most peace.

After arriving in our beach side town, I gave up my career as an art teacher, put on my flip flops (which I wear all of the time) and threw myself into motherhood. I drive and carpool my kids and their teammates to a variety of sports practices just about every day of the week and double that on the weekend. I brought my small town values and sense of community to the beach side city we live in. When not coaching, paddling, or hiking in my free time, I host family kickball tournaments, sushi parties, and volunteer my time to various organizations. Life is never dull!

People often ask what prompted me to become a life coach and hold retreats.

The catalyst in doing so was surviving the devastating news that my best friend and husband of 17-years, the person I loved and adored, was keeping secrets that betrayed me, himself, our family and the community.

When this man I trusted all these years revealed to me that he was struggling with same-sex attraction and holding secrets of multiple addictions, the news slammed me to the floor and made me question everything in my life. Could I survive the pain and find forgiveness? What would I like my future to look like? How would I make a new life when I felt so broken? Is it possible to still be friends with your ex? And in the end, do I really care what people think when I’m doing what’s best for my kids and family?  

I dealt with this life shifting blow as I have always done. I put on my running shoes and ran for my life. I climbed mountains and paddled the ocean to discharge the fear and anger that coursed through my veins. I spent time where I felt connected to my spirituality and God.

Nearly two years later, the healing work I did created a shift; I felt a sense of grounded-ness, safety, clarity, and forgiveness. It was time to help others do the same.  

At the core of who I am lies a teacher; I would rather share my knowledge of growth and healing for the betterment of others than anything else in the world. I realized that physically moving to discharge my pain and trauma, combined with my love of teaching, was the map I would use to guide others in a similar fashion. Upon attaining my Wilderness First Responder certification and coaching credentials, I officially began coaching others on their own journey of self-discovery.

I have lived through some of life’s hardest traumas. Gently coaching someone through the process of re-discovering who they are and would like to become is a skill set that I possess. 
My intention is to connect with you, the client, and establish what goals need to be made in your life.

Are you ready for a shift?  Do you desire healing, empowerment, and change? Are you longing to grow from life’s traumas in a supportive and nurturing environment?  Utilizing effective individual coaching methods, I will guide you to become the person that you aspire to be, all within a safe, loving, and understanding space.

May you find healing and growth within your life journey,


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