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Are you emotionally starved? Spiritually hungry? Devastated by the discovery of your spouse’s sexual infidelity, addiction, lies, abuse?

If so, you’re in the right place—particularly if your spouse is still in denial. Coach Karen helps women who’ve suffered from betrayal or relational trauma to find healing and hope, and to rediscover their mission and purpose as they shape and re-shape their dreams and reality.

Helping Suffering Women

She is particularly interested in helping women whose spouses are not in recovery, or are in "recovery" but not making progress — who may have few resources to deal with the level of deception, gas lighting, technological behaviors they’ve encountered.

Similarly, she helps women who may have been re-traumatized by well-intentioned others acting as spiritual leaders who initially missed the spouse’s addiction / abuse and offered counsel that was injurious, given the spouse’s secrets and lies.

Karen’s passion is to help women in these situations know how to move forward, receive the mental health and spiritual education, personal direction and power they need in order to heal. She is a partner assisting women to move through and process and the implosion, pain, gut-wrenching undoing of covenants or vows that infidelity brings, and ultimately live empowered lives.  

Karen says, “In spite of the paralyzing fear, you can know how to proceed. Right now, your dreams may be shattered, but I’m here to help you name your losses and mourn those, deal with unresolved grief, and to learn to move forward as you are ready."

"I will hold you in your pain and lead you gently to Christ who suffered that very pain, as you are ready. There is a place for simply experiencing, processing, sharing safely, and coming to terms with the loss. And then, in time — I know that our ultimate dreams can be resurrected and our trials lead only to peace. We become women of greater significance as we become through affliction, and there is a way though and beyond to a far greater design than may be presently visible. Ultimately, we see with a clearer vision. The story isn’t over. And there is an Author and a Finisher, who brings us through and to a promised land.” 

Karen has been on the other side of this for 12 years and it’s her time to give back. Karen has two beautiful daughters, two son-in-laws she loves, and 3 grandchildren.

She hails from Philadelphia originally, and is Italian-American descent. Her surname, Trifiletti, is a give-away! She has Masters and Doctoral studies in Human Development and has just completed APSATS training in a multidimensional partner trauma model for partners of sex addicts. She nows lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An Advocate With Religious Leaders

Coach Karen is Christian Latter-day Saint but works freely with those of all faiths and persuasions. She is also spearheading an interfaith effort to educate religious leaders on understanding the needs and experiences of partners of sexual addicts — in tandem with their already existent desires to help the sincere recovering addict.

Coach Karen is so eager to hear from you, learn with you, sit with you and talk over gelato or by tele-conference from her home office and walk alongside you as you experience the growth you desire.


"Coach K has been such a blessing in my life! She gave spiritual counsel through some of my darkest hours. I've been through much personal and familial trauma. She has spent many hours with me helping me process, understand myself and relationships, and find greater peace. Most recently, she was with me in the hospital for hours while I delivered my baby that I had lost - a separate but related difficult experience. Her support through that heartache was immeasurable! I know that without her amazing faith and positive outlook, it would have taken me much longer to begin the healing process. I am extremely impressed by her amazing ability to trust the Lord completely and she has helped me to begin to do the same. What I love most about Coach K, is that she lives by all the principles that she teaches others. She is not only an amazing, gifted, kind teacher/mentor, but also an incredible example that will impact my life forever. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs spiritual counseling or life coaching." R, Utah, USA

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