Coach Sarah and Coach Gaelyn are with me today to introduce the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group access to daily, online group sessions for betrayal trauma survivors who need quick, convenient and frequent access to our BTR coaches.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Helps Women With The Trauma Of Their Husband’s Pornography Use, Affairs, and Emotional Abuse

It’s so fun to all be on the same call at the same time. BTR Group is an ongoing subscription that gives you access to all the BTRG daily support group sessions. Get professional support from a different BTR coach every two to three days with no need to schedule or wait for an appointment. All BTR Group sessions happen online from the convenience of your home phone, smart phone, tablet or computer. As recovering women, we understand. Sometimes we need help asap without the stress of scheduling an appointment. So you can join any and all sessions per week – all sessions are 90 minutes long.

After you register, you’ll be given phone and online access to all BTRG sessions. You can drop in for coaching support when you need it, and you can stay for the whole session, or pop out. At this price, you can benefit from qualified APSATS coaching for as little as $6 an hour. We do this because we care about you and because we’ve been in your situation. We understand that women like us don’t have a lot of resources, but we need a lot of support.

There’s a $100 initial set up fee, with a three month minimum commitment. For about the same price as one therapy appointment, you can get have three sessions per week in perpetuity. And there’s a bonus, as more subscribers join the BTR Group, we’ll add more sessions at no extra cost to you. You can register anytime. BTR Group will launch as soon as we have 10 subscribers.

While reading this, if you have questions, email You can also comment below. Coach Sarah, tell us about why you thought of this drop-on, subscription model for support services for women?

Why Use a Subscription Model For Support For Betrayed Women?

Sarah: I’ve been conducting groups for betrayal trauma survivors for years and I’m constantly looking for ways to make the experience better. One thing I look at is: how can I remove the obstacles to the support that women need. To me, two of the biggest obstacles are cost and commitment. Regarding the commitment part of it, if a woman feels like she must commit to being the same place at the same time every week, it seems overwhelming.

So I started brainstorming about how do we solve that. What can we do to eliminate the anxiety that comes with overwhelming feelings of being stuck. The idea of membership came to me – like a gym membership, and BTR Group sprang from there.

Anne: Coach Sarah, you’ll be coaching the session on Thursdays, what are your strengths as a coach?

How Can An APSATS Coach Help You Deal With Your Husband’s Narcissistic Traits?

Sarah: One of my clients recently told me that she always feels really grounded at the end of a session with me. That my ability to know exactly what she needs to hear and have the tools to meet her needs and help her feel stronger and more stable. My curiosity and deep empathy enables me to really see my clients. What they’re currently going through, and then connect that with the tools they will need and empower them to effect change in their situation. Even if that’s only how they feel in the middle of what they’re going through.

Anne: Coach Sarah and Coach Gaelyn know each other very well, even though they live in different parts of the country. I think it’s really cool that you have different personalities and different strengths, but you feel confident enough in each other’s abilities that this works. The coolest thing about having a team is that every person has a different perspective on things and can give you different insights about your situation.

That’s what I love about Betrayal Trauma Recovery. I’m here. We have eight amazing coaches. We’re all working together on the same page for the same goal, with the same heart of helping other people. Coach Gaelyn, what’s it like for you coaching on the same team as Coach Sarah?

Coach Gaelyn: Even though I’m actually a pretty extreme introvert, when it comes to doing this kind of soul work in support of other women, I’ve realized that I’m a much better coach when I stay very well networked to other coaches doing the same type of work I’m doing, but usually with a different focus. One of the things that’s the most fantastic about working with different coaches in this field of betrayal trauma recovery is that we get to know each other’s strengths and personalities, and even our personal and professional experience which flow into our coaching work.

I get a very good sense just from knowing each of these women and the other coaches here at BTR about which coaches can help our clients in their particular situations. If I encounter a client with a particular situation with her sex addict husband, which coach would be best poised to help her. We do a lot of referring back and forth. We do a lot of brainstorming together, not more than a day or two tends to by when I’m not connecting with one of my fellow coaching colleagues in a confidential way – protecting my clients true names – about some way to make our work better.

Anne: Working with all of you is amazing because I get so many different insights, and yet we’re all on the same page. And we all view the situation through the lens of trauma – making sure women are not only healing from the betrayal, but also from the lies, gaslighting, emotional abuse, and narcissistic behaviors, and all of the other related behaviors that come along with sexual addiction. So Coach Gaelyn, you’ll be coaching the Tuesday sessions. What do you bring to your coaching that helps bring women to safety.

Have A Team Of Professionals Guide You When You Find Out About Your Husband’s Sex Addiction

Coach Gaelyn: Finding out about your husband’s pornography use or his affairs is chaotic and scary. When women first find out about their husband’s double life, it’s a very confusing time. One of the best things women can do is reach out and start talking with professionals who understand the nuances of the situation.

Giving these women an opportunity to reach out and discuss and talk and move forward with an APSATS coach with other women who are also facing their husband’s pornography addiction. Our BTR Group sessions give women an opportunity to drop-in, stop, reflect, and heal – because healing takes time and support. It allows women to flourish in a space where your husband can’t gaslight you and your friends don’t know. Not that friends are awesome, but sometimes they just don’t understand and they’re not safe to talk to about your husband’s sex addiction.

BTR Group is a place where you’re fully accepted where you’re at for who you are and how you’re feeling. I bring an understanding heart. I’ve been where all these courageous, brave women have been and are now. And we’ll work through it together.

Coach Sarah: One of my favorite things about Coach Gaelyn is her ability to speak in a way that is clear and to the point. She doesn’t beat around the bush like some people can. She speaks with simplicity and power in truth.

Coach Gaelyn: There are times along this journey where all of us need some tenderness and some sensitivity, and there are also times when we need someone to be really direct and talk straight with us about what healing from betrayal trauma really looks like.

When Faced With Your Husband’s Pornography Addiction, Sometimes You Need Straight Talk

And Coach Sarah has the ability to do both of those things, sometimes within the same conversation. She possesses the strength and the skills to do both of those things. I’ve personally had Coach Sarah work me through certain issues of my own, and I’ve been blessed to be able to experience her ability to be sweet and sensitive and empathetic, and also very direct and clear.

Coach Sarah: Yes, she has a humor in the way that she says things that puts you at ease.

Anne: We’re just gonna talk about Coach Gaelyn because she’s awesome.

Coach Gaelyn: I was afraid of this because I will hold your hand and comfort you and validate you, but when it’s time to get going, I will kick you in the tushy. Like really get you moving because I don’t want you to be stuck.

Anne: And we love you for it. For our readers, what are you looking for in a support group? Comment below about your support group experience. What’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Let us know. Your comments provide support for women going through similar things. If you’re interested in being in a our free secret Facebook peer-to-peer support group, join our community by entering your email and the bottom of the page, and you’ll receive an email with instructions about how to join.

Coach Gaelyn, why are these types of continual and drop-in sessions so important for women?

Coach Gaelyn: You know how often you hear us coaches talk about things like self-care? I’ve yet to meet a woman healing from betrayal trauma who doesn’t need, on a very deep level, two different kinds of self-care interventions. First we have the preventative big, picture self care. The type of self care we do on a routine basis like taking our vitamins and getting enough sleep.

Then you have the in the moment, emergency self care. The stuff we do because if we don’t, we’ll explode – like going to the doctor when you have an acute injury. So this model, for having this ongoing, easy access Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group sessions format, women can really take advantage of the best of both of these types of self care in one multi-purpose subscription package.

Anne: Yes, all of us have an experience where we have this crisis over the weekend. On Monday morning, we try to get into our therapist, but she doesn’t have an appointment for three weeks. Or we call our friend, only to realize she’s out of town – and she’s the only friend that knows about our husband’s abusive behaviors. With BTR Group sessions, we can know that we’ll have the support we need when we need it.

To register for Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group, click here.

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