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Betrayal Trauma Recovery helps women establish safety from the pain, chaos, and isolation associated with their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic behaviors.

Can Meditation Help Heal The Harm From Narcissistic Abuse?

Join Anne as she speaks with Peggy, Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach, about the healing power of guided meditation. Learn how meditation can help heal from narcissistic abuse. Meditation can have many benefits when experiencing abusive situations. Meditation is a powerful tool in focusing on self-care and implementing boundaries and healing.

Is My Husband Gay? Coach Peggy’s Personal Experience

Here at Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we hear many stories of women facing unimaginable trauma centered around betrayal and emotional abuse by their partners. Today, we are sharing one of those stories with you. Peggy is a professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 20 years of experience. Peggy experienced betrayal trauma when her husband told her he was leaving their long-term marriage to pursue his same-sex attraction.

What Is Grooming And Why It Is Dangerous?

What Is Grooming And Why It Is Dangerous?

Grooming is a term you should know. Similar to gaslighting, it is a tool used to exert control and power within an abusive relationship. But what is grooming? Is this a process that gradually happens? How can we recognize it? Does grooming begin very early on within a relationship? Join Anne, as she speaks with Rachel, to discuss grooming within abusive relationships. Learn what it looks like and how to spot it.

Pornography Is A Human Rights Issue

Is porn is human rights issue? Anne sits down with Dr. Gail Dines, Professor of Emeritus of Sociology, who shares her knowledge and views on porn, the sex industry, and our culture today. Learn why and how pornography contributes to the exploitation of women.

Is Pornography A Feminist Issue?

With so much talk about the sex-positive movement, it is easy to become confused and question what position to stand on as feminists. Anne sits down with Jessica Skye Barr, from Culture Reframed, to discuss why pornography is a feminist issue.

The Truth About Abuse In Teen Dating

Teens are driving, dating and having experiences that help them mature and grow. But what happens if they experience an abusive relationship? Anne interviews Sid, daughter of the founder of Educate and Empower Kids, a non-profit that provides education for parents to teach their kids great online habits and healthy ways of interacting with each other, as she shares her experience with dating abuse.

Joining Advocacy To End Sexual Exploitation

What can be done about the current climate of sexual exploitation? Are there organized efforts to end sexual exploitation? How can we be empowered to advocate for ending sexual exploitation? Anne speaks with Dawn, Executive Director of The National Center for Sexual Exploitation, to discuss ways that anyone can join the cause to end sexual exploitation.

After The Discovery Of Betrayal: The Checklist

You’ve just learned about the lies. The betrayals. The discoveries. You are experiencing a flood of emotions, from confusion to anger to sadness to disbelief. You feel lost and devastated. Everything is foggy. What do you do now? What is your next step? Anne covers our popular and helpful checklist in this episode. Learn what to do next and how to engage in your own healing after betrayal trauma.

Is Pornography Sexual Coercion?

Is non-consensual pornography use within a relationship a form a sexual coercion? What do both sides say about this issue? We unpack some important aspects of this topic! Karen, a victim of betrayal trauma and a therapist, states, "I discovered that my husband had...

I Was A Victim Of Domestic Abuse And Everyone Blamed Me

Statistics estimate 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence. Anne speaks with June in this 3 part series on June’s experience with domestic abuse and violence in her home, betrayal by her husband, clergy abuse, and finding resiliency and hope amidst massive devastation and loss.

My Bishop Failed To Protect Me From Abuse

Many women do not realize the situation they are in is actually abusive. When they do realize it is an abusive cycle and they start setting boundaries, in some cases, the abuse by their husband or partner escalates. Their own trauma also increases because they understand what is happening.

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