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Betrayal Trauma Recovery helps women establish safety from the pain, chaos, and isolation associated with their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic behaviors.

The Truth About 12-Step Programs For Betrayed Partners

After betrayal, many women attend a 12-step program for betrayed spouses. These programs typically cover important life principles and offer connection to other women who are experiencing similar trauma. We examine the truth about 12 step programs: the good and the not so good. Anne speaks with Kate and Michelle about their personal journeys beyond the 12 step program and codependency model.

What’s Wrong With The Codependency Model?

The Codependency model has traditionally been used to treat wives of sexual addicts and porn users. But there has been a shift away from that model, as many see it as a form of victim blaming. Just what are the problems with codependency narratives? Are there parts that can be helpful to women? Anne speaks with survivors Kate and Michelle about their own personal journey beyond the codependency model and to the trauma model of treatment and acceptance.

The Secret To A Happy, Healthy Life

Is there a secret to having a happy and healthy life? Is there a magic formula that works for everyone to bring peace and well-being? Anne speaks with Tyler, YouTuber and mindfulness hobbyist, about seven steps to achieving a healthy, happy life.

How To Recognize Victim Blaming

We hear about victim blaming, but what is it? Women who have been lied to, manipulated, and abused in their relationship are blamed for these things. Anne speaks with Jean, BTR Coach, about how to recognize and respond to victim blaming.

Why Body Image Issues Hurt So Deeply

A woman growing up in today’s society is likely to have body image issues. With the media, consumers are inundated with the definition that the media gives us for beauty. Anne speaks with BTR Coach Jean regarding understanding body image issues and how to heal from the pain.

How Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Saved My Life

After betrayal trauma, many women still feel unsafe, traumatized, and misunderstood. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group can help empower women to heal and find hope. Our amazing clients share their testimonials of Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group and the services BTR provides.

What Are The Best Ways To Handle Triggers?

Triggers happen to all of us. Especially after experiencing a life-changing situation of betrayal and the trauma that comes with it. Anne speaks with Kathy Kinghorn, LCSW, on ways to handle triggers. What are the best ways to handle triggers? What are the best questions to ask ourselves as we move through the stages of grief and healing? What should we avoid? 

Top 5 Things You Should Hear From Your Husband’s Therapist

Anne sits down with therapist Ana Marquez, who helps us learn what we should hear from our husband’s therapist. What is important to ask as we interview our husband’s therapist? What should they know about abuse and trauma? Is there red flags that we should look out for when it comes to our husband’s therapist?

Why Pornography Use Is Really Adultery

Is pornography use really adultery? Does it equate to cheating within a committed relationship? What does virtual sex even mean? Generally, when we talk about virtual sex, we are meaning the use pornography coupled with arousal and masturbation for the viewer of it. Anne and her mother sit down to talk about their thoughts surrounding pornography as adultery.

Can Legitimate Anger Be Helpful?

Anne speaks about legitimate anger and what it means and looks like, and even why it is ok. Anger can help women set boundaries and find safety and peace in the midst of trauma and turmoil.

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