Many women who seek help for betrayal trauma find only a sliver of the truth: they are told that their betrayal trauma is solely a result of their partner’s pornography use. 

Pornography Use Is Abuse

What women aren’t told, is that a partner’s secret use of pornography, is abusive. Lying is emotionally abusive. Using the family’s money to fund a secret sexual life, is financial abuse. And the list goes on.

Many women are devastated and confused when their partner goes through a spell of “sobriety” (when he stops using pornography for a period of time) because she is told that she should feel better. And yet, the bad feeling in the home and the mistreatment of herself and her children by her partner doesn’t stop, even though the pornography use has temporarily stopped.


Betrayal Trauma is a Symptom of Abuse, Not Just Addiction

Betrayal Trauma is serious: so serious that it has symptoms just as severe and strikingly similar to PTSD and Rape Trauma Syndrome. When women are only told half of the truth, that they feel so awful because their partner is using pornography, but not that pornography use is abusive, they are being abused by not only their partner, but the therapists, clergy, and other misguided “helpers” who have led them to believe that they ought to “feel better” once the pornography has stopped.

The simple truth is that abuse doesn’t stop because pornography stops.

You Suffer From Betrayal Trauma Because You Are A Victim of Abuse

It is a difficult concept to accept when women have been fed the sugar-coated half-truths about sex addiction for decades, but it’s the truth: you suffer from betrayal trauma because you are a victim of abuse.

You deserve safety, support, self-care, and knowledge as you navigate this journey to understanding what has been happening to you.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Supports Victims of Emotional Abuse

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Remember, you are not alone.

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