Terms & Conditions


– The only parties to this Agreement are you and your chosen independent contractor coach (“Coach”).
– You further agree that any representations about Coach found on the Betrayal Trauma Recovery (“BTR”) website, including podcasts, are exclusively the representations of Coach herself.
– You hereby waive any and all claims you may have against BTR.


– The Coach is honored to be engaging in this Coaching relationship with you, and looks forward to providing you with a safe place to process your decisions over the coming months.
– You may consider a three-month commitment to weekly sessions. A three-month commitment ensures that you understand the collaborative effort it will take to make important changes affecting your thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Deciding this commitment will help you succeed in your healing and growing.  If personal reasons keep you from a three-month commitment, you may still benefit from Coaching week to week.
– Our Coach comes to the sessions free from distractions and respectfully requests you do the same.
– You and the coach agree to show up at the mutually scheduled time for the Coaching session.  Cancellations made within 24 hours of appointed time will be charged for the full amount of your session.
– The Coach will want your input and questions along the way. The relationship with your Coach is a collaborative one, built on respect and safety. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Ask your Coach questions, speak honestly, and bring resources to the table that you have found. Please tell the Coach when you disagree, and share with the Coach your insights. You are your own best expert and developing your voice and instincts are one of the most important aspects of our Coaching relationship.


– All Coaching services delivered are meant to comfort, uplift, and support you. In that spirit, please read the following and sign below should you agree to each statement and wish to proceed:
– I understand that the life Coaching services received are not offered as a substitute for mental health care.
– I also understand that my Coach is not acting as a psychotherapist, and does not purport to offer mental health care. You may well need to seek a State-licensed mental health professional.  Coach cannot lawfully give you any diagnosis.  Coach cannot treat or prevent a mental illness, whether in-person or remotely, including:
(a) conducting a professional evaluation of an individual’s condition of mental health, mental illness, or emotional disorder consistent with standards generally recognized in the professions of mental health therapy;
(b) establishing a diagnosis in accordance with established written standards generally recognized in the professions of mental health therapy;
(c) prescribing a plan for the prevention or treatment of a condition of mental illness or emotional disorder
(d) engaging in the conduct of professional intervention, including psychotherapy by the application of established methods and procedures generally recognized in the professions of mental health therapy.
– I agree to not look to or rely upon your Coach for any of the above listed services that can only be lawfully provided to you by a licensed mental health care professional.
– I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being during my Coaching calls, and subsequently, including my choices and decisions.
– I understand that all comments and ideas offered by my Coach are solely for the purpose of supporting me in achieving my defined goals. I have the ability to give my informed consent, and hereby give such consent to my Coach to assist me in achieving such objectives.
– I hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge Betrayal Trauma Recovery, their agents, successors, assigns, personal representatives, executors, heirs and employees (collectively “Reconciled Relationships” ) from every claim, suit action, demand or right to compensation for damages I may claim to have or that I may have arising out of actions, omissions, or commissions taken by myself or by Reconciled Relationships as a result of the advice given by Reconciled Relationships or otherwise resulting from the Coaching relationship contemplated hereunder. I further declare and represent that no promise, inducement or agreement not herein expressed has been made to me to enter into this release. The release made pursuant to this paragraph shall bind my heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, assigns, and agents.


– Any referral for other professional services by Betrayal Trauma Recovery (“BTR”), its coaches, or any of its employees or volunteers is in no way intended to be an endorsement of that service provider or a guaranty of the quality of such services. Clients agree and acknowledge the importance of personally evaluating the qualifications of all service providers and of making individual decisions about which service provider(s) to use. BTR, its coaches, employees or volunteers assume no liability for the work of others. BTR coaches and employees who hold professional credentials shall only give referrals consistent with their professional and ethical rules of conduct.


– I understand that my Coach will maintain the confidentiality of our communications subject to governing laws.
–  By scheduling a session and clicking on “I agree to the terms and conditions found at btr.org/terms,” I agree to be added to the BTR email list.
– I understand that although the btr.org site is not HIPAA compliant, btr.org will not share any of my personal information with third parties.
– Although BTR has an SSL Certificate which ensures we provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser, we cannot guarantee the privacy of our users from hackers.
– BTR clients are strictly prohibited from recording individual or group coaching sessions, for any reason. Recording sessions in violation of this agreement will result in immediate termination of the coach/client relationship, without refund of all fees paid to date.


– While BTR is not a party to this Agreement, coaching sessions are charged at the time of scheduling through BTR’s website.
– I understand and agree that making a payment to BTR does not mean I have any contract with BTR.


– This Agreement contains the entire agreement between you and your Coach. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected.  All modifications to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by Coach and yourself.


– You will resolve any claim, cause of action or dispute you have with Coach or BTR exclusively in the Fourth District Court of Utah or the United States District Court for the District of Utah, Central Division. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating all such claims. The laws of the State of Utah govern this Agreement, as well as any claim that might arise in relation thereto, choosing a Coach or your Coaching experience, without regard to conflict of law provisions. This provision will survive any expiration or termination of this Agreement. In the event of litigation, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its court costs, attorney fees, deposition costs – both expert and fact depositions, and all other litigation expenses.

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