Coach Sarah


Sarah is a Certified Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery with 10 years experience. Sarah’s coaching style is highly collaborative, supporting clients in close cooperation with other coaches, clinicians, and church leaders.

Sarah’s passion is teaching women how to spot gaslighting and other forms of psychological abuse, equipping her clients to “opt out” of disempowering dynamics within their relationships. Sarah was trained and certified by APSATS (CPC), the World Coach Institute (CPC, CRC).

Sarah can help you with:

There was no place except Sarah’s sessions where I could be 100% honest where I was at in life due to the harmful affects of pornography in my marriage. These women surrounded me, accepted me, loved on me; I did not feel alone and I strongly believe it helped me with my resilience in being able to move forward.

K, Texas, USA

Patience, understanding, guidance, and support. All of these things come to mind when I think of Sarah which were the things I craved the most. When I realized I was married to a sex addict, I had no idea what to think, or what to do. Individual sessions with Sarah helped me identify my inner strengths and make educated decisions as I go through this difficult journey. Attending her group sessions was extremely beneficial to lean against other women who are going through the same challenges with their partners. I have found fulfillment in just listening to their stories as they listen to mine. It is very refreshing to know I’m not alone and that I will survive this no matter what the outcome. I only wish I had found Coach Sarah earlier!

S, Texas, USA

I immediately felt like Coach Sarah understood everything I was going through the very first time I spoke with her over the phone. My world was turned upside down within a matter of days, and I had Sarah on my side to keep me grounded and help me understand what was to be expected. A few days later, more traumatic information was shared . . . and then a few months later, full disclosure . . . She’s got a whole toolbox of things that help you take the information you weren’t expecting and deal with it in healthy ways. It feels so good knowing she’s really on my team and I feel like she’s always available when I need her. One last thing that I LOVE about Sarah is that she works hand in hand with the therapist that my husband sees. It’s a lot of teamwork all focused on the same goal – recovery!

L, Texas, USA

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