Coach Karen


Karen is a Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with over 12 years of combined betrayal trauma and life transition coaching experience. Karen is Christian-LDS, and passionate about aiding women who have been experienced betrayal trauma as well as re-traumatization (secondary trauma) from lack of understanding and knowledge in faith communities or other institutions. She closely assists women whose husbands remain in denial—full or partial—leaving her to heal from unresolved grief. She believes in a redemptive, Christ-centered model of healing, for those who are seeking that, and knows that beauty truly can come from ashes.

Karen helps women process the emotional loss and devastation of betrayal, assisting women to use their trials to rediscover their mission and purpose as they re-shape the dreams and reality. Karen is a professional writer, and has co-created articles for the betrayed partner for the LDS Overcoming Pornography site (soon to be piloted), as well as on a book for partners of sex addicts. Karen was trained by APSATS (CPC-c) in the multi-dimensional trauma partner model, the Institute of Life Coach Training (BCC-c), and has advanced training with the Arbinger Institute in relational coaching. Karen has Masters and Doctoral studies in Human Development.

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Coach K has been such a blessing in my life! She gave spiritual counsel through some of my darkest hours. I’ve been through much personal and familial trauma. She has spent many hours with me helping me process, understand myself and relationships, and find greater peace. Most recently, she was with me in the hospital for hours while I delivered my baby that I had lost – a separate but related difficult experience. Her support through that heartache was immeasurable! I know that without her amazing faith and positive outlook, it would have taken me much longer to begin the healing process. I am extremely impressed by her amazing ability to trust the Lord completely and she has helped me to begin to do the same. What I love most about Coach K, is that she lives by all the principles that she teaches others. She is not only an amazing, gifted, kind teacher/mentor, but also an incredible example that will impact my life forever. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs spiritual counseling or life coaching.

R, Utah, USA