Coach Joi


Joi is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 25 years experience. She specializes in helping women recognize and establish safety around their husband’s abusive behaviors. Similarly, she helps women navigate relationships where the abuse seems to have stopped, ensuring women stay safe.

She also specializes in secondary trauma by helping women hold appropriate boundaries for safety with the porn user, family, friends, clergy, and congregation members. She empowers women to opt-out of the abuse while holding strong to their faith (if they so choose), helping women from any/all faith backgrounds make decisions based on their values. Trained by APSATS (CPC-c), The American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (PRC), and BYU-I & Aspen Family Wellness (BCC).

Joi can help you with:

I didn’t want to be a part of this trauma club but unfortunately I was signed up against my will as it seems those in need of support share. I was lost in the sea of despair and shock from the abrupt change of a life known to the unknown in a matter of seconds, the anchor that I had planted in my future was uprooted and I was adrift.

After weeks of not knowing which way was up I stumbled across BTR and fortunately I found myself in Joi’s first hosted session, I was the only one that attended that night and was privileged to have entered one of the safest spaces ever held for me since my world was turned upside down. The time I have shared with Joi since has been filled with compassionate truths and an endless amount of space and safety. Joi’s heart is in every word. The times I have felt the most alone and afraid Joi hasn’t hesitated to assure me that I am no longer walking through this journey alone. Her personal experience is invaluable but professionally Joi is in a league of her own. She has a vast knowledge of materials and has been able to provide almost personalized recommendations that fit me so perfectly that it is a true testament to her ability to actively listen and tailor information to the individual client. If you sadly find yourself on this journey there is no better support than Joi. Thank you, you have changed my life.


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