Coach Joi | Betrayal Trauma Coach | Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Coach Joi

Joi is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 25 years of combined betrayal trauma, recovery, and coaching experience. Joi is active Christian-LDS and specializes in working with women traumatized by ecclesiastical leaders’ harmful reactions to their husbands’ porn use, infidelity, and abuse. She helps women hold appropriate boundaries for safety in relation to the addict, family, friends, and church members. She empowers women to opt-out of the abuse, while holding strong to their faith. Joi was trained by APSATS (CPC-c), The American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (PRC), and BYU-I & Aspen Family Wellness (BCC). In addition to coaching, Joi facilitates 12 Step Groups for victims. Joi is a Family Life Educator and a therapeutic counselor student/candidate.
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