Coach Joanne


Joanne is a Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 6 years experience. She has fought hard to reclaim her life, dignity, joy, and purpose after experiencing her own personal, traumatic “9/11” years ago. She walks alongside women experiencing trauma, inviting them to choose forward steps and discover possible life beyond trauma and betrayal. As a Registered Nurse, she helps clients address their health concerns. Empathy, affirmation, and creativity are her strengths. She supports women in difficult relationships with children as a result of family trauma, women with a need to resurrect professional skills to re-enter the workplace, and working with women who home school. Joanne trained with APSATS (CPC) and iPEC (BCC).

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Joanne always made me feel loved and welcomed despite the strong internal conflict that was going on in my life . . . She was empathetic, enthusiastic, and helped me decipher my next steps.

BTR client

The outstanding lesson I’ve taken from Coach Joanne is the ability to create joy and opportunity amidst the worst. When I faced my own devastation, the example of Joanne’s adventure-seeking and will to live, kept me afloat. In fact, Joanne has influenced many women around me, who are now full of original “Joanne-isms” which have helped shape our journeys. She modeled what got me through my worst times. I just imitated her. I still do. I always will.

BTR client

It is second-nature for Joanne to envision possibility, beauty! She has strengthened my own agency, by asking questions and being involved and interested – rarely, if ever, by advice giving. She has embodied hope for me through transparency about her own suffering. She has been unwilling to let her suffering take her out. She always gets up again. She helped me get back up too.

BTR client