Coach Erin


Erin is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach, with over 4 years of combined betrayal trauma, recovery, and coaching experience. Erin is Christian-LDS and has dedicated her life to helping women heal from emotional, spiritual, and physical pain as the result of their husband’s choices. She believes faith, music, and self-expression play a central role in healing.

She has a special interest in the way abuse, betrayal trauma, and spiritual abuse manifests in LDS families and how the sexual addiction of a parent affects children and teens. Erin was trained by APSATS (CPC-c), the World Coach Institute (CPC-c), and is a Certified Belief Breakthrough Coach. She has Associate Degrees in para medicine and the humanities.


One of Coach Erin’s gifts is words. She sees principles that are at play or that are being broken and explains what she sees in helpful ways. She understands accountability and sees the truth about people and principles. Through everything, Erin keeps people laughing. – P, Utah, USA


Coach Erin has been a wonderful mentor to me! She motivated me to make major changes in my life. I’ve developed the courage to pursue a new career in caregiving. She has helped me to see many possibilities in my life that I would have avoided. – J, Washington, USA


Coach Erin is in tune with the needs of the women she serves. She learns about them on an individual level, even when working with a group. She intuitively recognizes what women need. Erin notices details and proactively offers creative and innovative solutions. I have seen her successfully help others through their times of struggle, even as she was experiencing personal challenges. –  B, Utah, USA


Coach Erin is amazing!  She helped me break through from a place of anxiety and worry to feelings of safety and love – and the effects have been lasting. Her love, patience, and skill combined to bless not only my life but that of my family as well. Her heart is open and her toolbox is full!  – M, Utah, USA

I’ve been working with Coach Erin for 18 months. She has been with me from the day I discovered my husbands affair and pornography use. Erin’s knowledge, resourcefulness, and mentoring skills have helped me process through betrayal trauma. She has given me a vocabulary to understand what I am feeling and experiencing. Erin is a wonderful listener, a voice of reason, and empathetic. Having her coach me through the hardest year of my life has been an amazing blessing. She is objective, but also brings to light what I am sometimes unable to see on my own. I am forever grateful for her willingness to help me navigate through my PTSD and trauma brain! I love Coach Erin and look forward to being able to continue working with this amazing woman. – M, Utah, USA

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