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Coach Denalee

Coach Denalee


“Stop being afraid of the word abuse and go ahead and let your mind and your heart embrace that you’re being injured. You have been injured and you’re being injured, and it’s not your fault. But there is help out there that will get you on a road to healing and peace, and where you can even feel joy and anticipation and excitement in your life again. It’s a journey, and it takes a lot of effort, but as hard as the journey is, it can be joyful too. And we’re here to help you. We get it and we want to help you on that journey.” – Coach Denalee

As a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach, Denalee helps women discover and move forward on their individual paths of healing and recovery from abuse and its consequences. 

Her passion is helping women find and heal in truth while seeking safety from narcissistic partner abuse, spiritual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, and sexual coercion.

Denalee understands that every path in the process of getting to safety and healing is unique. Her hope is to help women create a beautiful life.

One Shero shared this:

I so appreciate Coach Denalee. Just the clarity that she has helped me achieve through a lot of individual sessions and group sessions; she’s changed my life.

Denalee graduated from Brigham Young University, Idaho with a bachelor of interdisciplinary
studies (BIS).

She is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), a Certified Meditation Practitioner (CMP), and is currently training with Center For Peace to become a Certified Abuse Specialist (CAS-c).


Emotional Safety is Possible

If you've been stuck in your husband's emotional & psychological abuse for years, these steps will help you end the chaos and feel peace.

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