Coach Cat


Cat is a Certified Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 10 years of combined betrayal trauma, recovery, and coaching experience, including her own recovery and sobriety from substance abuse. Cat is our only BTR coach based in the UK—which makes her available to clients in alternate time zones across the globe.

Cat is the wife of a minister-in-training, and is passionate about equipping religious leaders to understand porn addiction and sexual betrayal trauma. Cat is also a prolific writer, with articles published by the UK Huffington Post and Fight the New Drug. Cat was trained by APSATS (CPC), Impact Coaching Academy (CPLC, ACC), and The American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy.

Cat has expertise in:


Cat has been a blessing and help in a very dark time for me. The support and encouragement from her has been invaluable and has given me a clearer understanding of how to take proper care of myself through this process. Working with Cat has taught me so much about myself.

C, England


The opportunity to work with Cat came over two years from discovery date. I was on a plateau of complacency, fed up with recovery and feeling very tired of it all. With Cat’s help I am now feeling re-energized and positive again. I only wish such support had been available to me during the early crisis time when I felt so alone, so ashamed and so scared.

F England

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