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5 Reasons To Attend a BTR Group Session

Finally learning that you aren't alone in your struggles is validating. Finding a support group and a coach that really gets your unique situation is priceless.

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Victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion deserve a safe place to heal.

Anne Blythe, founder of BTR, knew that when she created the BTR.ORG Group Sessions. Furthermore, knew that many victims would be so overwhelmed by trauma that traveling outside of their home for an appointment with a support group or therapist would feel impossible. She knew that women needed care they could afford.

With an incredible team of trauma and abuse-informed BTR coaches behind her, Anne knew that she could help.

Have you considered attending a BTR Group Session? Read the full transcript below and listen to The BTR.ORG Podcast to learn more about why you should attend a BTR.ORG Group Session today.

BTR.ORG Group Sessions Are Safe

“One of the things that’s important is having safe people and if you have people around you that don’t necessarily understand your experience you don’t always feel safe. BTR creates that safe environment. The women in these group sessions are safe. You never have to feel judged.”

BTR.ORG Group Session Client

BTR.ORG Group Sessions Are Validating

“I am not crazy.”

Those five words are a gift that many women give themselves after spending time in the BTR Group Sessions.

So many victims spend years believing that they are:

  • Crazy
  • Overreacting
  • Sensitive
  • Imagining things
  • The abusive one in the relationship

BTR Group Sessions validate victims and help women stand in their truth.

BTR.ORG Group Sessions Are Healing

Many women have found their voices through attending BTR.ORG Group Sessions.

“I credit so much of my healing and the strength that I’ve gained to the coaches and being with the other women in the group. BTR Group Sessions have helped me to become a better, healthier, stronger, more confident, and empowered person.”

BTR.ORG Group Session Client

BTR Group Sessions Are Convenient And Affordable

At BTR we understand how devastating betrayal can be in every way, including financially.

That is why the BTR Group Sessions are affordable – so that every woman, no matter her financial situation, can receive the support she deserves.

With daily meetings in multiple time zones, women can easily attend a Group Session when it’s convenient for them.

“If there is any silver lining that comes with betrayal trauma, it’s the relationships that grow among those who understand and walk this road together.”


Full Transcript:

Anne (00:01):
Welcome to BTR.ORG. This is Anne.

Today we have several members of our community who will be sharing their feelings about attending BTR Group Sessions. Some of these sheroes you’re about to hear wrote down their thoughts and then they read them to us and others just shared what was in their heart in the moment. So keep that in mind as you listen and go to BTR slash group to check out our session schedule.

“I can really see the behaviors now much more clearly.”

BTR Group Session Client (01:50):
We’ve tried many different counselors, including CSAT S, and been doing that quite some time, but being on BTR for just a few weeks has made all the difference and I can really see the behaviors now much more clearly. The dysfunction being able to be on every day and get the validation from the coaches and the other women has just been tremendously helpful to me. Life-changing.

Empowerment & Finding My Voice

BTR Group Session Client (02:20):
I’m very grateful for Betrayal Trauma Recovery. I was able to get clear thinking about what I was witnessing and what was going on, listening to the podcast and then having the coaches talk not only with us individually, but listening with the other ladies helped me to classify and figure out strategies for handling the grooming, the gaslighting, and things that I didn’t have words for until I got into BTR. But I think the most significant thing was to be able to get that outside of myself and be able to apply it in different situations. And one was with my husband’s counselor.

Very traditionally he would like to do marriage counseling and I learned with BTR that there has to be a certain level of help before that would be successful, and I was able to state that with my husband’s counselor and to say to him his sexy before marriage, his sex in marriage, the pornography, all of those things are not marriage problems.

They cause marriage problems, but they are his personal problems until he addresses those marriage counseling will not be successful and will not participate. But it was BTR that empowered me to understand, one, I have a voice, and two, that was a very logical way to handle the situation and the counselor was very taken aback, but he saw what I was saying and he took another course with my husband, which actually helped my husband more. So I’m very grateful for BTR and the coaches and thankful for the daily presence of having somewhere to go where the craziness around us can be processed and we can come to a place of peace.

“Coaching with Trained and Amazing Coaches”

BTR Group Session Client (04:06):
BTR Group: It’s coaching with trained and amazing coaches who have also walked this path and can give appropriate advice, encouragement, and help answer questions and guide you along the path of recovery. BTR gave me the words and the terminology to put to how I was feeling and knowing one, the right words to describe my feelings helped calm my soul and helped me to not feel so crazy. There have been several moments when I was full of panic, anxiety, and fear because of the situations at home with my husband and I was able to get on BTR group within a couple of hours and talk through it, get the comfort and validation that I needed and advice if it was needed. BTR Group has been a lifesaver for me on many occasions. It’s a safe place where I can cry and let it all out and share my fears no matter how silly they may seem to others, the coaches and other women in the group understand and get it.

“A Judgement-Free Zone”

It’s a judgment free zone where I can be me and fully accepted for who I am for all my faults and failures and my accomplishments. BTR helped me to set and hold appropriate boundaries for my safety, which helped me to feel confident and empowered. The coaches and other women in the group give me validation to know I am not crazy and then others have been through the same thing. I love being in the group and hearing other women’s stories and questions. It helps me to know that I am not alone and others have been through what I have been through and often they have the same questions I have and sometimes questions I had but I didn’t know that I had or how to ask. We call it secondhand coaching. And so many times the advice given to other women was just what I needed to hear.

“Healthier, Stronger, More Confident, Empowered”

I’ve been doing BTR groups the beginning, and it’s great to build that relationship with the coaches and to have them tell me how much improvement and growth they have seen in me. BTR Group is the friend I never had and needed so desperately. I have felt so alone for so many years. I am truly grateful to have found BTR when I needed them most and to have the coaches with me through this journey of healing. I honestly can say I don’t know where I’d be without the BTR group. I credit so much of my healing and the strength I have gained to the coaches and being with the other women in the group BTR group has helped me to become a better person, a healthier person, stronger, more confident and empowered.

Everything began to make sense…

BTR Group Session Client (08:00):
I was introduced to BTR probably nine months ago by a friend and because I was going through a divorce, really ugly part of a divorce, we were actually left homeless for about nine months and a family in our church took my 16-year-old daughter and I into their home and she was going through some issues also and she said, you’ve got to get onto this group. And I got onto BTR and I was listening and I was really surprised at the connection with the pornography. I was actually going to counsel. I’d been going to counseling for years with my marital problems and nobody had ever made that connection before with the pornography. And when I brought it up to my counselor at Kaiser, my therapist, she said, oh, that’s interesting. I’d never made that connection before. And I was just kept listening to podcasts and it was so intriguing.

“I’m not crazy”

I thought I hadn’t even thought about the connection of pornography with coercive control. I was dealing with a lot of very covert abuse, but nice to everyone else, but very mean and horrible to me and my younger daughter. There was a lot of abuse in different arenas when you go on the wheel, that hit me really hard. I think it gave me more validation because even though I really can’t confront him about that, we are on zero communication, it really gave me a lot of validation to know that I’m not crazy, that no matter how this looks to everyone else, I’m suffering horribly and I’m not crazy. I appreciate all the podcast and the support and I’m now involved with the group sessions. It’s been invaluable to me to connect and I just thank you for it.

“One of the thing that’s important is having safe people.”

BTR Group Session Client (09:53):
BTR was recommended to me by my counselor. She recommended that I get into group. She said it was important that I get into group while still seeing her. The great thing about BTR group sessions, how they’ve helped me. So you have all different coaches who bring with them all different areas of expertise. Those sessions, you are able to just do whatever you’re comfortable, but I have found that it’s so valuable with that, what we call spot coaching. I say, Hey, I need spot coaching, so I’m getting spot coaching covers all of that. So I have found that when I get on with these groups, I’m getting all this coaching and support and from all these different areas of expertise. In addition to the coaches getting on with other women and sharing my experiences, for me, it has helped me to know that I’m not alone because it is so easy to feel so alone in all of this.

One of the things that’s important is having safe people. And if you have people around you that do not necessarily understand your experience, you don’t always necessarily feel safe. And BTR creates that safe environment so the women in these groups are safe. You never have to feel judged. You’re not going to have people telling you how you should think or what you should do. It’s completely safe. And while each woman’s experience is unique, we all share commonalities and having that support got me through without doubt the most traumatic relational experience in my life.

“I truly believe that BTR has saved my life.”

BTR Group Session Client (11:46):
I truly believe that BTR has saved my life. I’ve made lifetime friends the only ones that understand my feelings that have gone through the same things. Each coach has their own special traits and seeing the different views of the same subject or seeing things in different ways or different suggestion really helps make you feel safe.

Anne (12:12):
I’d like to thank the incredible women who shared their feelings about attending BTR group sessions.


  1. Andrea

    Do you accept health insurance for counseling and or group therapy.

    • Anne Blythe

      While we do not accept insurance, we DO accept HSA cards. Also, some insurances will reimburse – but you need to check.

  2. Sue Staus

    I love this one!! Because I’m in it! And I love all the women who also shared!!! Just hearing their voices (and seeing their faces) is so comforting!!! I could have said everything that the other women also said!!
    BTRG is a lifesaver for me!!! And now tears are filling my eyes thinking about all the times when some terrible things happened and I was able to get on a call almost right away and the coaches were there to help me!!
    The coaches and the other women, I just love them all!!
    Everything that is said in this podcast by everyone is so true!!!

    • Anne Blythe

      Thanks for sharing, Sue! It really is the best support group for victims of emotional abuse in the world!

      • JuJu

        What similar type of support group like this do you recommend for husbands who are abstinent and working on their recovery?


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