Whether you’ve just found Betrayal Trauma Recovery, or you’ve been here for a while, we thought you’d enjoy learning a little bit more about the organization, so here are some things you need to know!

15 Things You Need To Know About Betrayal Trauma Recovery

1. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Was Founded By Anne Blythe

Anne Blythe (a pseudonym to protect her children and family), who has a Master of Education, was an English teacher before her marriage to her ex-husband. Their marriage resulted in three beautiful children, who she often talks about on the podcast. She considers them her greatest blessings.

2. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Grew From Humble Beginnings

After years of trying to “fix” his pornography addiction, Anne’s now ex-husband was arrested for domestic violence in 2015. With a court-ordered no contact boundary in place and help from the domestic violence shelter, she learned what had been really going on in her home, that she was being emotionally abused and physically intimidated by her husband.

She found herself searching for something and, in 2016, she began podcasting. From that podcast, Betrayal Trauma Recovery was born. Today, having served over 1.7 million women, BTR has done more than Anne ever dreamed it could.

3. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcasts Weren’t Always Hosted By “Anne”

In earlier podcasts, she went by Anon. She began calling herself Anne Blythe as a tribute to Anne of Green Gables. Anne, from the books, always talked about finding people who were kindred spirits. Anne, from BTR, feels that her listeners are kindred spirits who are journeying along this path together. Anne Blythe is the name she uses on social media.

4. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Aims To Provide Free Information For Women

Anne started her podcast in 2016. In January 2017, she launched Betrayal Trauma Recovery’s services, with professional coaches ready to serve the women in need.

The purpose of Betrayal Trauma Recovery is “to provide a free educational podcast, website and peer-to-peer Facebook Forum for women in need of emotional refuge from the pain and chaos caused by their husband’s lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse and narcissistic traits.”

5. Betrayal Trauma Recovery’s Mission:

“To provide a professionally facilitated online community supporting women to create safety and heal from abuse.”

6. Betrayal Trauma Recovery’s Vision:

“To build a worldwide army of healthy women empowered to create, set, and hold boundaries to stop abuse.”

7. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Has Evolved Into What It Is Today

In the beginning, it was only a podcast. Anne just wanted to educate women, but soon they were contacting her for help. Having heard so many horror stories and experiencing her own treatment-induced trauma, she realized BTR needed to be more than just a podcast.

“After I started podcasting, I had women reaching out to me for help. I knew I could never help everyone one-on-one, which is what everyone needed. So, I endeavored to find the coaches I would have wanted if I had to go through it again. The best coaches in the world all in one place, so women don’t have to find support by sifting through a bunch of bad or sad options.” -Anne Blythe, Founder

8. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Has Certified Coaches

What IS the difference between a therapist and a coach? The main difference is that a therapist can only treat clients in the state in which they are licensed. On the other hand, a coach can treat clients all over the world, which is fantastic, because BTR serves women in 54 countries.

9. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Has Certified Betrayal Trauma Coaches

Each BTR Coach has been trained to help partners of sex addicts. Currently, all BTR coaches (and Anne) have been certified by APSATS, along with a coaching organization. Some of these coaching organizations include: The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, World Coach Institute, and Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

10. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaches Have Additional Training And Experience

Each of the BTR coaches have additional training or experience in specific areas. For instance, one coach teaches guided meditation and is a certified Journey Practitioner. Another coach is a Registered Nurse and specializes in physical health. Each coach has between 6 and 25 years of experience of coaching.

11. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaches Have Personal Experience With Betrayal Trauma

In fact, did you know that everyone who works with BTR has experienced betrayal trauma? Everyone from the woman who transcribes the podcast and the woman writing this article, all the way up to the coaches and founder (Anne, of course), has personal experience with betrayal trauma.

Many of them have found that their work with BTR has been an important part of their healing process. Betrayal Trauma Recovery is always looking for volunteers and interns. Please scroll to the bottom of the About page to see if you or someone you know may have a skill we’re currently seeking.

12. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Offers Coach-led Daily Group Sessions

One of the great things about Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group is not having to leave the house! Or the soccer practice, or the car, etcetera. The only requirement is privacy. With 19 sessions offered weekly, there’s bound to be one that fits into the busiest of schedules.

Some women have joined during their commute and others during their lunch break. When a woman is in trauma, some days it’s difficult just to get out of bed and get dressed, so some women have just joined from their bed, in their pajamas. That’s okay too!

13. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Offers Individual Sessions With Coaches

Whether a woman needs help with a specific topic, or she just needs some guidance, BTR Coaches provide one-on-one sessions. Each coach has their specialties, but they all have experience and training to help women find their strengths and find their path to healing.

14. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Partners With Center For Peace

Center for Peace is not an addiction recovery program, but an abuse cessation program. Center for Peace helps men who are exhibiting abusive behaviors such as lying, manipulating, porn use, infidelity, soliciting prostitutes, and other abusive behaviors that are often seen at BTR.

Coach Joi, Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaching Coordinator, runs the program at Center for Peace. BTR works together with Center for Peace as support for the wives of men who are working the program.

15. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Has Its Own Books (And Anne Has One In Editing!)

BTR has created two books: Betrayal Trauma Recovery: Boundary Log and Daily Wellness Journal: A Physical Self-Care Planner.

The Betrayal Trauma Recovery: Boundary Log is a book to help women track their husband’s behavior. When a woman is in an abusive situation, it can be difficult to know if she is emotionally safe. This journal is for women considering divorce or separation, or just wondering if their husband really is abusive.

Many women who experience trauma from betrayal and abuse find self-care one of the most difficult things to do. Anne found herself having a hard time just eating vegetables! She created the Daily Wellness Journal: A Physical Self-Care Planner to help other women have an easier way to have success with self-care.

Anne found that creating simple “Self-Care Intentions” and routines worked best, so she made space for simple goals to help improve emotional and physical health. Whether you gained (or lost) excessive trauma weight or just have a difficult time with self-care, the Daily Wellness Journal could work for you.

Well, that’s it, the 15 things you need to know about Betrayal Trauma Recovery! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about us. We love what we do at BTR, and you are the reason we do it. At Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we want all women to find safety, hope, peace and healing.

We love you and you are worth it!

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